Recommended duration: 2/3 days
Percentage: 310 km approximately
Driving hours: 7.0 hours approximately 

Following the ss. 51 of Alemagna in the North direction, you pass Longarone, Tai and Valle di Cadore, go up the Boite valley with the Pelmo and the Antelao on the sides, after passing San Vito di Cadore, the view meets an exciting scenario of the ampezzana valley which opens up surrounded by majestic peaks.
This is perhaps the busiest communication route that leads to Cortina, but it is also the only one that does not require the crossing of any Dolomite pass.

Cortina can be a starting point for the Tre Croci Pass – Auronzo – Misurina to the east, Dobbiaco – Bolzano – Brennero to the north, or the Falzarego Pass, and the Pordoi Pass to the west.
Cortina is a beautiful and industrious town located at 1224 meters, but is surrounded by very high peaks such as Monte Cristallo 3218, Tofane 3243, and Mount Sorapis 3202 mt, is in the province of Belluno and is located between the regions of Veneto and Trentino South Tyrol.
The shopping in Cortina is a mast, Corso Italia is one of the most famous Italian streets, here are many fashion shops, designer labels, the latest news in the world of clothing, jewelry, antiques, and art .
Do not miss a ride inside the roof, a typical market where you can find the typical Ampezzo products.