The choice of car rental for your wedding in Brescia is very important, as is your special day. There are many factors to consider such as the type of car, the colour, whether it is a vintage or a modern car..

With Auto Vintage & More and the experience gained over years of activity, you will have the total professionalism of the wedding car rental sector at your disposal.

Our expertise allows us to accommodate any need your wedding in the Brescia area requires, taking care of every detail to perfection.

Which cars to rent for your wedding in Brescia?

For your wedding in Brescia you can rent one of our cars directly from the catalogue.

Our fleet of cars will allow you to choose between the fascinating and classic vintage cars, such as the famous Bentley S1 or the famous Volkswagen T1 Bulli van.
Or a modern and elegant car if you prefer, like the fantastic Maserati Quattroporte 4.7S.

With Auto Vintage & More you will have the best cars available in line with your needs.

In addition, renting one of our cars can give you some intimate moments to spend with your partner from leaving the church to the designated location to celebrate the long-awaited big day together with friends and relatives.

Our services available

Renting a car with Auto Vintage also means providing a whole range of highly professional services.

The services available for your wedding day in Brescia include:

  • The car will arrive at the bride’s home about an hour before the ceremony, thus allowing the photographer to carry out his service with complete peace of mind, the availability of time certainly has a positive effect on the result of the photographic images and/or the movie.
  • The car will be available to the bride and groom until they arrive at the reception venue, the standard service ends at the beginning of the wedding banquet.
  • Upon request and if previously agreed, it is possible to extend the rental for after the wedding banquet, for night photos and to accompany the bride and groom home, available for info or any other request.
  • The setting up of the car at your trusted florist at the agreed time (not included in the rental price).

Auto Vintage & More offers the possibility of renting several cars for the same event, for example two spiders, one for the bride and one for the groom, or an elegant sedan for the bride and a spider for the groom and his boyfriend… you just have to propose your idea, and together we will build the event.

Why rent a car with Auto Vintage?

If you are wondering why choose Auto Vintage & More, the answer lies in the years of experience gained in the car rental sector, in professionalism and impeccable service, with particular attention to detail and customer needs.

The best days of our life can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Marriage is just one of them. Imagine yourself in that moment where you are waiting for your bride or groom as she arrives in one of our luxury cars driven by one of our expert chauffeurs.