Year 1974 

Maggiolone Cabrio white with black interior, a splendid car recently restored.

Rental without driver.

It is possible to use the “Courtesy Service”, which consists of:

  • Our assistance staff for the entire duration of the rental.
  • Fuel consumption.

It is possible to take advantage of the delivery and collection of the car on site at the end of use.

Rental Requirements:

  • At least 25 years
  • 5 years of driving license
  • Credit card guarantee (pre-authorization) and / or check at the discretion of the Charterer

A bit of history of this car:

The Volkswagen Typ 1, better known as Beetle if in version Typ 1/113 M15, or Beetle, if in the version 1/1302 in Italy (Käfer in German, also called Coccinelle in France, Escarabajo in Spain, Beetle or Bug in Gran Brittany and the United States, Fusca in Brazil and Vocho in Mexico), is a compact car produced by Volkswagen from 1938 to 2003.

The Beetle is definitely the most famous German car in the world, symbol of the German industrial rebirth after World War II, as well as the first ever Volkswagen model.

It currently holds the record of the longest-running cars in the world, having been produced continuously for sixty-five years. In addition, it has long held the world’s best-selling car record, with 21,529,464 units, and is currently the fourth car in the world for the number of models produced, after Toyota Corolla, Ford F-150 and Volkswagen Golf.

In 1999 it was named among the five most influential automobiles of the twentieth century.

For its planetary diffusion, it is one of the first examples of the world car.

The Beetle had a modern re-edition in the New Beetle, a retro model that went into production in 1998 and was followed by the Beetle in 2011, both produced in the Mexican factory in Puebla, but its heritage of family cars was actually collected by the Golf in 1974, that matched and then exceeded the Beetle sales record.