Year 1955

Porsche 356A Speedster replica year 1955 white color with Cartier red leather interior, to be caressed by the wind in a splendid vintage Spider.

The Porsche 356A Speedster that we offer is similar to the car loved by James Dean, white with Cartier red interior.

Rental without driver. 

It is possible to take advantage of the “Courtesy service”, which consists of:

– Our assistance staff for the entire duration of the rental.

– Fuel consumption.

– The use of a replacement car of the Berlina or Cabrio type  (closed car, not Spider) in the event of adverse weather forecasts.

-It is possible to take advantage of the delivery and collection of the car on site at the end of use.

Rental Requirements:

  • At least 25 years old
  • 5 years of driving licence
  • Credit card as guarantee (pre-authorisation) and/or check at the discretion of the Lessor

A little history of this car:

The name Speedster identifies a specific Porsche model that has its origins in the early 1950s up to the 2019 model, an evolution spanning 68 years.

American origins

The 356 Speedster derives from the Porsche 356 presented in 1949 as a coupe and convertible with a 4-cylinder engine. In 1950, the Porsche importer in the USA, Max Hoffman, recommended the creation of a spider car, spartan, light and fast. The following year, the “America Roadster” was born, the progenitor of the 356 Speedster: a sales success, but an economic failure. It was therefore decided for a more spartan version derived from the 356 cabriolet. To lower costs, they opted for steel bodywork, removable acetate windows with fabric frames, a canvas top without internal lining and two simple light seats.

The 356 Speedster was presented in America in September 1954, debuted in Europe in the summer of 1955 and remained in production until 1958, when it was replaced by the 356 convertible D, a cross between the Speedster and the 356 cabriolet.

A total of 4,722 Speedsters were produced including 200 pre-series